… a nino’s meal is the idea that life, like good food, is meant to be shared. This staple Italian belief is the legacy of restaurant founder, Nino Bompani. An Italian immigrant, Bompani moved to South African shores in the 70s.

Bompani sought to win the hearts of South African people by getting them to fall in love with not only the cuisine he felt so passionately about, but also the values instilled in him by his homeland – bringing people together, to experience the moment, live in laughter and revel in togetherness.

Bompani was uncompromising, insisting on utilising only the finest quality ingredients. Oil was a no-no, everything had to be cooked in butter – a tradition that continues today – and adding chips to a meal was likened to anarchy.

(Pssst… Don’t tell Nino… Let’s keep the addition of our famous chips between us)

Today, Nino’s continues to reflect our founder’s exacting standards with our deliciously, aromatic coffees and variety of delectable breakfasts and mouth-watering lunches. While over time we have opened our kitchens to incorporate a wider range of dishes – drawing inspiration from European flair, Mediterranean simplicity and local zest – Nino’s remains true to Bompani’s vision:

A place where quality, family and good food meet…

Nino Bompani
Let’s get together…